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About Me!


I'm Amy Bailey: a 22 year old aspiring lifestyle journalist from Gloucestershire who is navigating her way through her twenties.

I have been a blogger since my first year of university in 2017, and since completing my journalism course in 2020, I have been able to commit to a more regular upload schedule to both this site and my Instagram page (cheers, Covid). My studies also meant that I was fortunate enough to write for many established magazines such as Mother&Baby, Heatworld, Sussex Life and Surrey Life. As a result of this, I now have bylines in the above, and my first freelance article in Mother&Baby online...wooo!

As an aspiring journalist for more years than I can remember, my career aspirations predominately lie within the women's lifestyle/beauty genre which is evident through the content on this site. I have a number of interests that correlate with this, including exercising, reading, travelling and beauty, though my specialism lies within talking openly about mental health. 

I am also an avid dog and reality TV enthusiast.

To keep up to date, you can follow me on my social media platforms below. 

*All views and opinions on this website are my own.

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"Amy has been a fantastic part of the team. She has fitted in well, and has been lovely and chatty. She has really used her initiative, just got on with any tasks set and did particularly well when it came to adopting the right tone of voice and adhering to house style".

Ellie Fells, Team Leader of the Magazine

Hub- Archant

"Amy has been enthusiastic, extremely reliable and an absolute pleasure to have in the office. She has completed every task to an impressive quality and as a result, now has by-lines in Heatworld and Mother&Baby".

Aimee Jakes, Shopping Editor-


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