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Why I chose to live at home whilst at university

I currently have about a month and a half left of university,

and in between freaking out about how bloody fast this time has gone, I've been looking at other student bloggers for inspiration for my own content. I then realised my situation is probably the least common among students...which is the fact that I chose to stay at home instead of moving out and living away.

You might ask, do I regret it?

And to put it bluntly...

Of course, I do have those days where maybe I wish I experienced a different city or I feel lonely (because uni can be a lonely time), but as a whole I am satisfied with the choice I made.

If you didn't know, I applied to UoG through clearing, two weeks before the first semester started, so out of convenience I stayed at home -  cus did I really have the time to seek out a new bed spread and rose gold cutlery in two weeks?  And, ultimately, I am a girl whose mood and personality is extremely effected by their surroundings, so I had to be somewhat realistic.

So if you're looking into the option of staying home whilst at university, or are simply curious about what I think (or just supporting me, ly x) keep reading! (why do I sound like a basic YouTuber...)


1. The financial benefit:

It's a pretty obvious positive...staying at home saves you more money. I'm not forking out on a weekly shop, rent because my amazing parents have yet to charge me and public transport to go home every other month. Not moving out also meant I didn't have to find another job and could keep earning money (let's not talk about the fact I've had three jobs whilst at uni ok xx)

2. Home comforts:

I would just like to say I am extremely lucky to have a pretty great home life and an amazing relationship with my parents, I know this isn't the case for everyone and can be a big reason why students want to move out. I however, bloody love the atmosphere at home and after a stressful day at uni, it's all you really need. Due to my anxiety, I really appreciate my home and having somewhere I feel comfortable and relaxed mean a lot to me. 

3. Being able to switch on/off when you want:

Being at home means your motivation and self-care schedule doesn't rely on the mood of your flatmates. I'm going be real guys, I'm not a typical party student. Don't get me wrong, I love a few cocktails at Turtle Bay and Spoons as much as the next gal, but the second someone says the word 'club'... imma head out. If my uni pals are up for a night out and I'd rather chill in bed with me dog, I don't have the guilt of other people on at me or people waking me up at 3am. Retrospectively, if on that on occasion I get a buzz of motivation, and everyone has plans, I don't become so easily distracted. 

Have I just admitted I'm an unsociable granny at the big age of (nearly) 21? Lol X 


1. Everyone says 'you're missing out':

PSA, stop saying this:) I honestly cannot tell you the amount of times or the amount of people that have said this to me. Let's be real, I'm in my third year of uni, if I really felt like I was missing out, I have had two opportunities to move out or transfer to a different university. Just because you may have felt like this if you stayed at home, doesn't mean I do. I am fine, thanks.

2. Feeling left out: There's nothing like having a crappy day and seeing all your uni pals out without you. I get it, people are closer with their flat mates than they are the course mates which inevitably means they make more plans with them than you. And it's not as if I don't see my friends out of lectures, because I do make as much effort as possible...but it can be a punch in the stomach seeing them out doing things whilst I'm watching them through Snapchat, sweating on the cross trainer.

3. Not feeling like you're independent enough.

Don't get me wrong, as I'm edging on 21 there are a lot of things my parents don't do for me anymore...but there are also a lot of things they still do. I still have the luxury of my parents paying for the food shop, doing my laundry, cooking me tea etc. And whilst I appreciate that beyond words, there are days when I feel like I should be doing all of this myself and perhaps I'm not as mature as my friends are...

...But am I really going to turn down a free whites wash and a roast beef on a Sunday? Absolutely not mate.


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