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The 5 Drugstore Skincare Products I Swear By

It’s 2015. You rush home from school to the world of YouTube. Jaclyn Hill has uploaded another Skin Care Routine…but all the products are £50+.

If, like me, you grew up with a passion for beauty and YouTube, I’m sure your teenage years were swamped with beauty hauls, make-up tutorials and skin care favourite videos from the top beauty influencers. Every evening, the likes of Zoella and Tanya Burr would gush over their new luxury skincare product, justifying the extortionate prices because” you get what you pay for”. That is not to say though, that everyone online is a wanna be certified dermatologist; among the sponsored skincare statements, bloggers such as Lisa Eldridge and ‘A model recommends' do actually know their stuff, further increasing our own skincare hauls. Too many years were spent relying on the internet to save my skin, so I took it upon myself to scour the isles at Boots.

The products below took months to find but will be appreciated forever; they are Amy Bailey approved, all part of your night-time routine and cost less than £20!

Simple Water Boost Micellar Water (£3.49): OK, I have to be honest, this was influenced by YouTube. Instead of using a wipe to remove today’s face, splash this onto a cotton pad to receive a more refreshing and less time-consuming result.

Simple Water Boost Hydrating Gel Cream (£3.49): If you’re after a second cleanse to ensure your face is thoroughly cleaned, use a pea sized amount of this face wash to get rid of any clingy foundation and open your pores.

Garnier Pure Active Charcoal Scrub (£4.99): To be used every other day, this charcoal scrub helps remove dead skin cells, minimise blackheads and even complexion to ensure soft and smooth skin.

Revolution CBD Dry Skin Oil (£10.00): Suffer from dry and sensitive skin like myself? Massage a few drops of this ultra-nourishing oil to melt away any dry and irritated patches.

Nivea Face Regenerating Night Cream (£4.19): Night time is the best time to apply a thick moisturiser! This creamy texture smooths away any tightness and dryness your skin may have.

*All prices are correct at date of publication.


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