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Life after Lockdown: Things we're looking forward to

"What is something you want to do once life is finally back to normal?"

Seems like a far-fetched question to ask right now, if I'm honest. As life currently stands, coronavirus has meant that the world is pretty much on hold, so thinking about life post-lockdown can sometimes be quite hard.

But in a world where there is currently so much fear and uncertainty, it is important we try to come together and stay hopeful. Because one day, be it tomorrow, next week, or even six months from now, it will get better.

In attempt to encourage a sense of positivity and comfort, I asked my friends what they're most looking forward to once this initial state of emergency is over. Before I go into their pure and effortless answers, I just want to state that I bloody love, miss and appreciate these lovely lovely people:

"Being able to hug the people I love"

"Going to the pub. Not even to get drunk, just to socialise".

"The every day things: driving, going to the gym, being able to go to a restaurant".

"Seeing my girlfriend properly in stead of on FaceTime".

"Getting drunnnnnkkkk".

"Finally get a haircut".

"Going on holiday"

"Going to town and go clothes shopping"

"Going back into work as working from home sounds exciting at first but it's getting hard"

"Being able to actually go into university" (can't relate lol don't make me cry)

"Just going for a cuppa round my friends/family's house".

"Be able to go fishing again"

"Dressing up and going into town for cocktails".

"Being able to fly again so I can travel after university".

"Just seeing my friends again".

"Go to the pub and have a proper pint of Guinness"


"Live life, I'm definitely going to appreciate everything a lot more".

We are currently living in a very real and unprecedented time right now. If you are feeling scared, anxious, worried or confused, please remember that that is normal and absolutely okay. But please also keep in the back of your head that like the quotes above, there are things to look forward to, there is hope and we will get through this X

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Great post! I'm looking forward to being able to fly home to see my family and meet my brand new niece. I'm looking forward to camping and hiking and other adventures. And being able to paddle with my team and meet them for happy hour after of course!

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