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Favourites: June 2020

After completing university at the start of last month and now being knee-deep in the daunting world that is post-graduate job searching, I have more free time than I've had in a whileeeeee. Whilst this inevitably means excessively watching Netflix, justifying way too many online orders to my parents and writing more cover letters than I know what to do with, I have also started planning out posts for this site. To kickstart this month's content, I wanted to look back on June (which seemed to be the longest month of lockdown so far???) and share a few of my new fave discoveries.


-Finishing University: I still can't believe I've finished uni forever. I don't know if it's because of the pandemic, or the fact I still have my UNiDAYs account until next year, but it doesn't feel real that my time being in education is over. Here's to the next chapter of my life!

-Creating an Instagram for this site: In addition to my personal platform, I have created an account that will work alongside this website which you can follow here. I'm excited to use this page to not only promote my blog posts, but to talk about current events/favourites and explore a side of my personality I'm too scared to show on my personal IG lol.

-I attended my first public protest: Despite this having to occur because of such repulsive and harrowing events, I was glad I attended this peaceful protest to fight against very disturbing yet very real racism and discrimination.


Garlic Chicken: Throughout lockdown I've been cooking for my family pretty much every night and that means scouring BBC Good Food for inspo. Let's be honest, no matter how much I love spag bol and garlic bread, it doesn't excite me in the same way after I've eaten in every bloody week of lockdown. This recipe is super easy, incredibly tasty and is served best with veg and carbs, obvs.

Banana Pancakes: In attempts to be as productive as possible post university (aka unemployment but let's not talk about that X) I've been waking up early and therefore having to have breakfast because your gal can't wait to eat. Whist a bowl of Weetabix or a slice of toast is fab on the days I can't be bothered, these healthy banana pancakes are great when I want to be more adventurous with my breakfast and need filling up before I workout in the morning.


Small Great Things: After the harrowing death of George Floyd, I thought it was about time to start using my privilege as white female and start educating myself properly on the racism that people of colour still face on a daily basis. In addition to writing a blog post regarding this, I have also been looking into other resources, such as purchasing books. Despite this being a fiction novel, I think Jodi Picoult does an amazing job of addressing real life, uncomfortable problems head on & has created an extremely educational and emotional read. Exploring the story from three points of view (African American Labour Nurse Ruth Jefferson, white middle-class lawyer Kennedy McQuarrie and Turk Bauer, a white supremacist who is also the father of a recently passed baby) Jodi writes about racism in contemporary America. The novel may come across as messy, but it is a great reflection of the current state of our racial climate.

The Family Upstairs: After buying this book off of the recommendation of Sophia Tuxford on Instagram, Lisa Jewell's 2019's psychological thriller is a novel I'd suggest to anyone. Similar to Small Great Things, The Family Upstairs, also tells the story from three points of view, delving into the ways that a surprise inheritance sends a young woman on a journey into her own personal history. As the past and present collide, readers will be enticed by the intricate story that is held within an inherited house and the shadowy ties that link Libby, Lucy and Harry together.


Selling Sunset: Since being in lockdown I have started looking into the law of attraction and started what better way to visualise my dreams than watch them on Netflix? This series delves into the lives of real estate agents in California who land hugeeeee commissions after selling Kylie Jenner-style homes. If you have an interest in looking at boujee properties (that my post-university bank balance can only dream of affording) and the lifestyles of these big-time earners, the two series of Selling Sunset is everything your self-care evening needs and more.

The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills: I am an avid Reality-TV enthusiast whose goal is to live in America-is it too obvious?! Despite this programme debuting ten years ago & Netflix showing only two out of the ten seasons (rude), I am absolutely LIVING for the drama this series possess and getting an insight into how the other half live. Reality TV has always been a great escapism for me, and I love putting my phone down and immersing myself in the first world problems that are losing your $25,000 sunglasses & being ten minutes late to your private jet flight. Will I be signing up to a Hayu account so I can binge watch the rest? 100%.


AirPods: I think this is the first proper boujee purchase I've made in a long time, and it's purely because I've been selling the entirety of my bedroom drawers on Facebook haha. Without sounding like the biggest prick, I can't imagine life without my AirPods now: working out and falling asleep listening to music has never been so painless.

Glowy Make-Up: Whilst I acknowledge this is a huge TikTok trend atm, I have always preferred having a glowy, dewy face of make-up but have always found the majority of products have always favoured the Matte effect. My recent make-up buys to achieve a brighter looking face are the Maybelline Cheek Heat, NYX Born to Glow Foundation and Fenty Beauty's Gloss bomb in FU$$Y.


@sw_meganbl: I have never been a member of Slimming World, nor do I have any future plans to, but Megan's wholesome content is something all our timelines need. I actually interviewed Megan as part of my dissertation and have followed her SW journey & girly lifestyle feed ever since.

@helenacritchley: Much to my bank balance's dismay, I have used lockdown to figure out what I want my fashion sense to be, and to purchase clothes that no longer make me look like a 16-year-old Topshop fangirl. Helena not only has such a unique and fashionable style, but also a great energy about her too.



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