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Coronavirus: How to survive self-isolation


Whether your watching TV, scrolling through your phone or even out and about, it's being talked about. What started off as a joke and a meme is now a global pandemic, and the only way for it to pass as quick as it came about, is for people to self-isolate.

For me personally, I'm not overly bothered by this. I am a massively introverted person and have no problem being at home enjoying my own company. However, I know this isn't the same for everyone. Self-isolation can be an extremely overwhelming time for some, especially those who struggle with their mental health, so anything I can offer to make this anxious period easier, I will.

If you are worried about being housebound for a long period of time and keeping yourself sane, listed below are eight activities for you to do in the comfort of your four walls. Please remember that whilst it is vital to keep your physical health in tact & wash your hands, the health of your mind is important too. Ensure that your mind is kept active and you try not to give into the scaremongering via the media.

1. Watch Netflix:

I know it's an obvious suggestion but it's also such a good way of wasting time. I'm aware the endless lists of films and TV programmes can be overloading and honestly I can be guilty of watching the same movie time and time again, so I've suggested a few of my current favourites:

Films: A Quiet Place, A Simple Favour and Lost Girls.

TV: Love is Blind, Skins and The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

2. Read:

I know reading isn't for everyone, but if your resolution for the new decade was to do something other than scroll through Twitter, this might be your perfect opportunity. Whether it be a new book, magazine, or downloading something off the Kindle app, sometimes getting lost in a world that isn't your own puts things into perspective and makes things seem that little bit easier.

Recommendations: Flat Share, Those People, Our Stop & Normal People.

3. Get on with some work:

If you're a university student like myself, being stuck at home doesn't give you much choice but to finally get on with that assignment. By the time you've wrote two paragraphs or completed your research, you'll be surprised at how much time has gone by and how productive and motivated you feel. Even if you're not a student, find an old notepad or laptop and start journaling, writing a diary or even set-up a blog to get your thoughts and feelings on paper.

4. Do a workout:

Being stuck at home for hours on end can eventually make you feel a bit sluggish and having you wishing about escaping to the gym. However, if you search through the world of YouTube or even Instagram, there are a variety of home workouts that don't even require you to have any equipment. A half hour HIIT or leg workout will get the endorphins flowing and help rid that self-isolation slump.

Instagram accounts that offer home workouts: @Meggangrubb @b_ndstore

5. Tidy:

Those drawers and cupboards you haven't touched for about three years definitely need a clear out, and now you have all the time to do so. Whether it be your make-up drawer, bedside table or kitchen cupboard, you'll be surprised at how much space you'll have and the things you'll might even retrieve your missing Nintendo DS with that secret R4 card which can take up even more time.

6. Have a self-care day:

Everyone's favourite day, but it's also something we don't do enough of. Why just keep it as a Sunday treat? Wake up, wash your bedsheets, grab a face-mask (if you're able to pop to the shop), order a pizza (courtesy of Domino's Contact Free Delivery) and run a bath. Spend a whole day, if not several days, pampering yourself and doing things that make you happy and at peace-self-isolation can be something that is quite frightening and lonely.

7. FaceTime:

We are lucky enough to live in a world where smartphones and FaceTime is literally at our fingertips, so don't let self-isolation be a reason you stop contacting your family and friends. After days of being shut inside, I know it can be easy to forget what human interaction and conversation feels like, so fill the scary void that is loneliness, pick up your phone & have a real conversation!

8. Create a vision/moodboard:

Although it may currently feel like it, we won't all be living in this self-isolated bubble for ever. Use the time that you have to vision where you want to be once this all has been lifted. Manifest. Set yourself some goals you want to achieve in a few months time. This way you're using your creativity energy and have something to aim towards.


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