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Black Lives Matter

As a white female in my twenties, I'll admit I feel somewhat uncomfortable talking publicly about racial issues. Due to my automatic white privilege (which, being white, is given to us whether you choose to believe it or not) I do feel as if no one will have interest in what I have to say, no one cares and will just tell me that I don't understand.

Because I truly don't.

How could I?

How could I understand the fear, brutality and blatant RACISM that people of colour are STILL having to face on a daily basis. Of course, white people may face hardships and battles during the course of our lives, but we can no longer pretend that these events aren't considerably easier for us PURELY based on the colour of our skin.

I also admit that I don't have anywhere near enough knowledge on this subject and I have a hell of a lot to learn.

But that is the problem.

No matter who we are: we need to make noise. We need to be angry. We need to amplify the words, pleas and struggles that black people still endure . But that doesn't just mean today. Not just when another repulsive police officer takes the life of an innocent human and it makes the news. We must continue to shout and make our voices heard for every single person, recorded or not, until we see definitive change.

As I have been following the disgusting events of not only George Floyd but also other innocent victims in the past few weeks, months, years (see: Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin and Breonna Taylor to name an unfortunate few) I feel absolutely sick to my stomach and it really does not make sense to me. How, in 2020, the bloody 21st century, is police brutality not only such a big issue, but still so intense.

Change needs to happen. Not tomorrow, not next week, month or year. Now.

But that doesn't just start and end with sharing a few posts on your Instagram stories (which I too have been guilty of in the past).

This very real issue requires an exceeding amount of action and education.

Create the conversations about racism that cause you to feel uncomfortable. Educate those around you who don't yet have the knowledge. Watch the videos, share them with your family, let people see what is really happening to really innocent people on a regular basis.

Sign the petitions. Donate to the charities. Act on your words.

I would like to acknowledge that no, I obviously do not have a large following/platform and thus do not have a huge influence on a large group of people. However, I am aware that a majority can only start when small groups of individuals come together.

I honestly didn't think I would be vocalising such disgusting events in the 21st century, but as the owner of this website and therefore having a place to share my thoughts, I didn't feel right in being ignorant and continuing to blog about my life during such an awful time.

I sincerely hope nothing came across and insensitive, uneducated or offensive, and as I previously stated, I am fully aware I will never understand what real racism and discrimination towards the colour of my skin is like.

But I can empathise and help to make the noise and actions to finally start a change.

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